Brain & AI Lab

Problem Sets


    • Problems are assigned every 1 to 2 weeks. Submit solutions (text, sources and binaries) to your assignments by uploading them into your account by midnight on the due date.

Instructions for uploading: 

    • We will email you detailed instructions. Below are some pointers for uploading to your accounts:


    • You should be familiar with using scp. If not, use

man scp

    •  within a terminal window and follow the explanation. As an example: assume you have your program and the sources in a local directory ‘assignment1’ and you cd into one level above this directory, type:

                     scp -r assignment1/* 

    • to upload it.


    • WinSCP ( is a compact graphical scp-client. Otherwise, you can also use PuTTY ( and then the Linux scp version as described before.


    Two options: 1) Open Terminal and follow instructions under Linux/Unix. 2) Use Cyberduck ( as a GUI client.