Brain & Machine Learning Lab
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PI: Odelia Schwartz
Associate professor
Computer Science

Nasir Laskar, PhD student

Nasir Laskar
PhD student

Joshua Bowren, PhD student

Joshua Bowren
PhD student

Former lab members:

Michoel Snow, MD/Ph.D. student (now faculty member at Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Ruben Coen Cagli, postdoc (now Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine)
Florian Röhrbein, postdoc (now in TUM’s Informatics)
Toviah Moldwin, research position (now doing Ph.D. at Hebrew University)

Former undergraduate research:

Colin Jiang, REU summer research 2018
David Grossman, REU summer research 2017
Ariel Lavi, REU summer research 2017
Sigal Sax, summer research 2016